cookie lee bracelet

The Introduction to the Cookie Lee Jewelry

The Cookie Lee jewelry is known to be a jewelry manufacturer company which also direct sells their products. The company uses two different selling systems, the direct sales and also the MLM. The MLM enable independent and individual sales force to help sell the jewelry. The company was founded in 1985. It was originally started by Cookie Lee. She actually started the business with one sole purpose to make money […]

lorraine schwartz kim kardashian ring

Lorraine Schwartz Jewelry on Kim Kardashian Finger

Kim Kardashian’s engagement to Kanye West has become the talk for some weeks now. Kanye proposed her in front of the whole packed stadium and presented her with the 15 carat sparkler ring designed by Lorraine Schwartz. This is not just some LorraineSchwartzjewelry; this is a specially designed ring. Moreover, the celebrity jewelry designer also designed the wedding ring for the two of them. Ironically, it was also Lorraine Schawrtz […]

ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine

The Introduction to Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

The best way to clean your jewelry is to use the ultrasonic jewelry cleaner because the device will not cause any destruction to the jewelry. This jewelry cleaner works with sound waves that cannot be heard by human. The sound waves will then create tiny vacuum bubbles inside the water or the liquid cleanser. These bubbles will collapse while creating high heat and pressure, thus they will blast the nearby […]

lia sophia bracelets

LiaSophia Jewelry: The Recommended Jewelry Store

LiaSophia Jewelry is another good option for the people that are looking for good Jewelry store. The Jewelry is one of nice accessories which is absolutely loved by the common women. One of the reasons why the common women love to have and also to collect the Jewelry is because the Jewelry has the impressive and also the beautiful look. People know so well that women will always the accessories […]

silver bridesmaid jewelry sets

Choosing Bridesmaid Jewelry Sets

There are times when brides give bridesmaids jewelry sets to be worn at the wedding. These jewelries are usually treasured by the bridesmaids all of their lives. The bridesmaids are usually chosen among the closest friends of the brides and therefore the jewelry gifts are to represent the appreciation from the brides because they have taken part in the weddings and also a token of appreciation for their friendships. The […]

larimar gold jewelry

How to Buy a Valuable LarimarJewelry

The larimarjewelry, to be precise, comes from the Dominican Republic. Larimar has been known to make great jewelry but it only has a few years to be extracted. The larimar are taken from shafts and nowadays there are only a few of them left. These shafts have jeopardized the miners’ safety and cause many to die. This is why, the larimar is getting harder and harder to find, thus when […]

standing mirrored jewelry armoire

Mirror Jewelry Armoire: Good Jewelry Storage

The mirror Jewelry armoire is one of good brand for Jewelry storage. The Jewelry is a beautiful thing which is quite important for the people, especially the women. The Jewelry is important for the women, because the women will need the Jewelry. The Jewelry is worn by the people to enhance their appearance. The women absolutely love to have the beautiful look. Therefore the beautiful accessories like the Jewelry are […]

iced out jewelry for men

Good Offers from the Iced Out Jewelry

The iced out jewelryoffers so many kinds of jewelry product for being chosen by the beautiful women to have the great look. We know that the women will like having the good performance. They will try the best for getting the good jewelry with the good quality of the gold. So, we need to give you the suggestions to get this kind of jewelry shops for being considered as the […]

jewelry designer jennifer meyer

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry to Get the Beautiful Jewelry

Jennifer Meyer Jewelry probably can be good reference for the general people that try to find good Jewelry which can be suitable for them. When the people are choosing the Jewelry which they will use, commonly the people think about several considerations before they decide to choose certain Jewelry. One of the considerations which are thought by the people is about the design of the Jewelry. All people actually want […]

james avery rings for men

JamesAvery Jewelry for Nice Jewelry

JamesAvery Jewelry is one of nice Jewelry brand which absolutely can be selected by people. This kind of Jewelry brand can be categorized as the popular brand. There are a lot of people that recognize this popular brand. As the popular, this brand certainly provides the type of Jewelry which is loved by a lot of people. Jewelry is one of the things which are loved by the people. Therefore […]